, we cook with
Organics Veggies To provide you a tasty and Healthy Product

So Vegan, So Good

Organic, Plant-based and delicious

So Freo is based in Fremantle and focuses on organic and locally sourced ingredients from WA.
For school lunch, picnic, plancha or your next outdoor adventure.
Vegan, High Protein & Gluten Free,
it ticks all the boxes.

Max eating Veggie Pate on the Ridge walk
"Max enjoyed a nice Veggie Paté Sandwich on the Stirling Ranges Ridge Walk, WA"

Give it a try

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, gluten free, young or old, the Veggie Paté is for you.
When we prepared the recipe, we wanted it to be tasty AND nutritious. We wanted to add the best, organic veggies, a yummy taste and lots of love!
We created some ideas to inspire you, feel free to share with us.
Have a look on our calendar to find us at the market or on the map to find your nearest stockist.
We hope you will really enjoy it!